Saturday, January 08, 2005



Saturday, December 11, 2004


My life: I'm 12 years old, I like paintball (Team Devastation rules!) and video games (can you say Halo?), I'm considered one of the smartest kids in 7th grade yet I'm considered retarded and a clown. I'm always in a fight with Chase *******, a jerk who always turns on me. I've got a girlfriend, Megan, who wears glasses, could kick any of my friends asses, and loves video games. I'm way overweight, but nothing compared to one of my friends. All I want for Xmas is an AK-47 (I'm not a terrorist or anything, I just like guns and I hunt a lot. Plus, an AK-47= serious bragging rights). I'm really dirty minded and I'm downright crazy- hey, life is like that. Yes, I know I'm messed up.

hello again

now that you know about me somewhat, I'm going to post about what happens...... sometime......(It's all part of my scheme- I will make you read several boring posts until I get into the interesting stuff! [evil laugh follows and continues for several minutes]